60 second clips
All of these songs are available on the CD
  1. Stride
  2. Birdsong
  3. Tumbleweed
  4. Red
  5. Heitor's Villa
  6. Hippy
  7. Dirt
  8. Squash
  9. Six
  10. Wood
  11. Eventide
  12. Sinbad

"...sounds like Jimi Hendrix meets John Coltrane."
Unbelievable instrumental music from guitarist Kevin Burnes
and drummer Keny Ruyter. With heavy Jazz, Blues, and improvisational
influences, this instrumental group combines monster individual chops
with a down-to business sensibility. Shake manages to walk all over
the conventional lines drawn when defining musical genres.
Imagine John Coltrane with the Band of Gypsies!
Shake definitely takes the instrumental genre to a new level.

Shake and BellFlur Jam
This was a very unique jam between two influential bands.
Shake and BellFlur or ShakeFlur.
This late night "live" jam was recorded back at the old
basement studio where the original Shake CD was recorded.

©2013 Shake Music(ASCAP)

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