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Recording has begun! A long awaited Instrumental - SOLO ALBUM is in the works. Legendary drummer John Tracey put down an incredible offering of drum playing extravaganza for all 12 tracks. Mic's are Up on the Guitars now. Stay tuned!


PULSE - A first release for 2024. An Acoustic Splendor!

BANDCAMP (96k Hi-Res Version)

A friend of mine, Ziad Sidawi owner of Pulsar Modular, ( approached me and asked if I would to compose a piece of music based on a chord progression that he had been playing. Ziad is an incredible artist in his own right and creates some of the most unique and great sounding audio “hardware" plugins that I have used. All of which can be heard on this recording. 

A unique element that Ziad added to his request was that the instruments be tuned to the frequency of 432Hz. 432Hz is known as the "heartbeat" tuning. This alternate tuning is said to resonate sympathetically with the earths vibration, our body, brain waves, thoughts, consciousness and even at a molecular level with our DNA. It is considered by many to be a spiritually elevating tuning.

Enlightened by the idea, I pulled out my choice of guitars from the guitar closet and set it to pitch at 432Hz - Strings at E-A-D-F#-B-E. Over a period of 3 months, I interacted with the guitar in this peculiar tuning everyday. Playing and listening. After a consistent amount of strum time and the fruitful harvest of a handful of ideas, I began writing. 

Pulse - It starts where it began with a solo guitar strumming a variation of Ziad’s original idea. Immersed into an interplay of strumming, resonant harmonics and haunting legatos created by the unorthodox use of an E-Bow, we are handed off to an added percussion section and carried through multiple textures, time and timbres. All alternating between meters of 4, 5 and 6. Somewhere between tuning and time, we find the essence of Pulse. 

Note : The E-Bow, through manipulation of the magnetic field, can awaken a single guitar string and cause it to vibrate indefinitely without ever having been plucked. Typically these odd magnetic devices have only been paired with electric guitars. Electric guitars have a well established relationship with magnetics through the inner workings of guitar pickups. The E-Bow, working in concert with guitar pickups, make for a magnetic madness and can create long sustaining notes that seemingly start and end as if being bowed. The use of the E-Bow on an acoustic guitar, as well as the technique involved, is unique to me as I know it. This is the second song I've released with this odd and somewhat haunting sound. Check out the track "Little Things" for a little more E-Bow.

Composed and Performed by Kevin Burnes
Engineered, Mixed & Mastering 
by Kevin Burnes at All Things Music Studio
Shake Music (ASCAP) 

NEW SINGLE RELEASE - Beyond The Borders

I am guesting on the Nylon String for a great collaborative Single Release. I was asked to create an Intro piece leading into some phenomenal drum work by John Macaluso. Additional guitar lead work by Daniel Fauaze in Brazil. A great cast of characters on this one! Look for it Online. YOUTUBE

Eduardo Slayer: Vocals
Marcos Diantoni: Vocals
Daniel Fauaze: Guitars
John Macaluso: Drums
Axel: Bass
Kevin Burnes: Acoustic Guitars

Concept by Phil Simons
Composer: Daniel Fauaze
Songwriter: Daniel Fauaze
Song Intro: Composed and Performed by Kevin Burnes 

Executive Producers: Eduardo Slayer & Phil Simons
Artwork by Paulo Monteiro at LFX Music Works®
Drum Sound Engineer: Enrico Brunori 

Eduardo Slayer Vocals Recorded at LFX Music Works®, Salvador, Brasil, October, 2023
Daniel Fauaze Guitars Recorded at LFX Music Works®, Salvador, Brasil, September, 2023
Marcos Diantoni Vocals Recorded at Masai Mara Studio, Feira de Santana, Brasil, October, 2023
Axel Bass Recorded at JL Studio, Caxangá, Brasil, September, 2023
Kevin Burnes Intro Recorded in All Things Music Studio, Maryland USA, October, 2023
John Macaluso Drums Recorded at Studio Mac 9000, Rieti, Italy, September, 2023

COMING SOON -  NEW RELEASE  - Mockingbird This will be the first of two offering's with John Tracey on drums. John and I were working on a new band and material throughout Covid. We were in the process of putting together demo's. The Mockingbird release will pay homage to John and offer his fans a look into what he was working on before he moved on to playing bigger drums above. The Album title "Mockingbird" comes from the Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary located in New York. John was an animal lover and had built a rescue on his property. John re-homed most of his farm animals with Mockingbird Sanctuary  before he passed. Proceeds will be donated to the Sanctuary. Street date set for mid 2024.

2023 rekindled a return of a great "fretted" partnership. A reunion with bass player - Parker Roach and crew. Parker and I go back a long ways with the Double Digit Jazz Band. I am on board with guitars for two new songs - “Song for my Brother” and “Beautiful Day” for an upcoming NEW album in 2024. 

NEW release from BURNING STARR - Souls of the Innocent. This is second Album I have been on board and “behind the board” with these guys. Undoubtedly a "Stronger Than Steel" follow up to their 2017 release - Stand Your Ground, also mixed by me. A new album and a new singer. Alexx Panza’s vocal work is absolutely stellar. You’ll find me accompanying Jack Starr with additional guitar work, orchestral arrangements, everything else and the kitchen sink and of course - THE MIX! Making this release even more EPIC, a team up with old bandmate and bass player Ned Meloni, combining both our musical super powers as co-producers. This next installment into the Burning Starr catalog will undoubtedly be one of their best. APPLE MUSICSPOTIFY


March 8th - Up The Hammers Festival XVII 
Athens Greece 2024

February 10th - Melbourne Florida
- Venue TBA - 2024

December 9 - Maryland Live Hotel & Casino 
- Private Solo Event -

October 28th - The Runaway - Washington D.C.
A ONE NIGHT ONLY Show! The Hottest Tribute Band in the World. 
Your's Truly in Boots, Make-Up, a Les Paul and Lights. Event Ticket proceeds benefit the Humane Rescue Alliance 

August 12th - Lyceum Theater - Washington D.C.
We have so many singers, we have so many singers. August is my annual accompaniment month. Teaming up with NM Productions again for another year of guitar accompaniment and recording duties. 


Kevin Burnes - solo artist, guitarist and instrumentalist. Since the birth of his "Eclectric-Electric" jazz sound, on the groundbreaking release - SHAKE, Kevin has continued to raise the bar in the guitar instrumental genre. Sweeping melodies, terrorizing solos and subtly fingered accompaniments, Kevin serves up a wildly varying sound, style and music that overflows with energy and creativity. Kevin is a native of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He began playing guitar at the age of 5. A prodigious talent from the start, by the age of 10, Kevin completed his first professional recordings and performances. Formal studies in Classical and Jazz, including a degree Music Composition, Kevin incorporates a unique proficiency, depth and passion in his music that is unlike any in his field. Currently Kevin is highly active as both solo artist and performing musician. He has offered private instruction for the past 30 years. In addition to freelance work with an ever increasing list of musicians, venues and audiences, Kevin has worked and performed nationally with such artists as Dokken and Joe Lynn Turner and Raven and Jack Starr's - Burning Starr

Check out the KARMA page for more info on past projects, venues and gear.





Music Instruction

If you have ever wanted to learn from an active professional now is the time! My music program offers instruction in all levels from beginners, intermediate and advanced. With both in-person, as well as virtual offerings, I can to meet you exactly where you are. Anywhere in the world! Private, one-on-one lessons provide the right atmosphere for a customized learning experience. 

Guitar & Piano

I began playing both piano and guitar at the age of 5. Without a doubt the first note I played has never stopped ringing. I absolutely enjoy bringing that same enthusiasm and excitement for music to others. Whether you are just starting out or advanced in your instrument and studies, there is always more to learn. Contact me for more information.

Theory & Composition

If you are a music creator, or have an interest in making your own music and desire to expand your skills, I offer instruction for both Music Theory and Composition. Grow your craft of music comprehension and creation with further in depth studies of how it all works.





Audio Production

I have worked with countless artists from all over the world and their music. It has been a passion of mine since the age of 10 to not only make great music but to make music sound great! If you are in need of a mix or master, production assistance and session work, I have a great venue here for all of your audio production needs. 


I have always been hands on with clients that I work with in the creative process. Writing, arrangement, orchestration, additional ornamentations and textures, an insane guitar solo. An added set of ears and artistic input can help bring your music and vision to fruition. If your music needs an extra push to get it to reach full potential, allow someone else into the musical story. Contact me directly for more info.



Shake - Deluxe Edition Keeping true to the original release, the "Deluxe Edition" of Shake features everything plus two additional tracks that were not included on the original release. The two songs feature Zeljko Zuber playing bass guitar on alternate versions of both "Stride" and "Birdsong". The Alternate Take versions were both recorded during the same recording sessions as the original album release. Both songs offer a very different color and attitude from the originals, as well as have received a fresh new mix and master from Kevin Burnes.

Mix by Frank Marchand Master by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Charlie Pilzer Additional Mix and Master by Kevin Burnes


Pulse An Acoustic and Harmonic Splendor! Guitars tuned to the frequency of 432Hz, this alternate tuning is known as the "heartbeat" tuning. It said to resonate sympathetically with the earths vibration, our body, brain waves, thoughts, consciousness and even at a molecular level with our DNA. It is considered by many to be a spiritually elevating tuning. Beginning with a solo guitar, we are quickly immersed into an interplay of strumming and haunting legatos, created by the unorthodox use of an E-Bow. Handed off to resonant harmonics and an added percussion section, we are then carried through multiple textures, time and timbres. All parts alternating between meters of 4, 5 and 6. Somewhere between tuning and time, we find the essence of Pulse. Pulse was created by one of my favorite guitar's made from Hawaiian Koa. The cover art for this track is the back of the guitar. A perfect pairing of vibrant wood and visual delight. 


Aisea's Ha - Acoustic Single. An extremely special acoustic offering from guitarist Kevin Burnes. Kevin's unique approach to acoustic music unveils a new texture with none other than a Ukulele as the center voice for this small acoustic adventure. The acoustic guitars are hardly treated as an after thought as they envelope the smaller "Uke" voice with a warmth and gentle strength, keeping a very clear and distinct voice of their own. The combination of the two together is both rich and colorful. This piece is an expression of Kevin's deep felt connection with the islands of Hawaii. While in Hawaii, Kevin crossed paths with a great artist, Sua Suluape Toetu'u, Aisea who's art and tattoo work became the inspiration of this piece. The title, Aisea's Ha was a dedicated musical offering of thanks or "Mahalo" to Aisea for his work. The translation of "Ha" in Hawaiian being - life's breath, energy or breath of life. Coincidentally, "Ha" also has a secondary translation and musical meaning of the fourth note of a traditional major scale or Fa. The fourth note of a traditional major scale creates the Lydian Mode which is the tonality and key of the music of Aisea's Ha. It is indeed a small musical piece of paradise.


Shake - Birthplace of the Eclectic-Electric sound! A groundbreaking release from guitarist Kevin Burnes. This guitar instrumental CD has broken new earth with a very new and unique sound and style. With sweeping melodies, terrorizing solos and subtly fingered accompaniments Kevin serves up a wildly varying "Eclectic-Electric" jazz sound that overflows with energy and creativity. Along with a host of other musicians, Keny Ruyter's dynamic drums ooze Latin influences as well as stoic funk leanings. Keny turns the drum-set into a harmonic instrument. Bass player Mike Cykoski brings it all together with a swift pummeling in the low end. It is truly a gem!


The Shake Trio The Shake Trio is a companion release to the original studio version of the album - Shake from Kevin Burnes. Newly remastered, the music was originally performed and recorded live for an "On-Air" internet broadcast. The music has a hint of flavorings from the "Old-School" recordings of Jimi Hendrix and the mid 1960's John Coltrane recordings. Being a live performance it keeps the songs and improvisations as honest as they can be. The music was recorded direct to 2-Track so there were no over-dubs or edits. Simply just the truth! It is Kevin and his music in a stripped down and honest trio package. It includes the bonus track "Spiritual Popcorn". Guitarist Kevin Burnes, drummer Keny Ruyter, and bass player Patrick Recob come together and create a very new and unique sound!


Little Things - An Acoustic Instrumental Single. A long awaited acoustic release from guitarist Kevin Burnes. Little Things was composed for an on-line photo gallery featuring the works of photographer Kerry Murphy and Kelli Seeger Kim. The gallery, featured at Lil Galleries, displayed their very intimate "macro" works.With an effort to capture the essence of the pictures, the music has quite a unique flavor of acoustic sound. The guitars are delicately fingered offering the listener ever-changing textures almost simulating the walk down a row of pictures hanging in an art gallery. The music's connecting tissue is a mystical harmony in the background of what at first seems like the sounds of an accompanying string section. Quite the contrary, the sounds are all guitar! Kevin creates a very unique set of sounds and harmonies that lead us from one color and texture to the next.A very intimate and unique piece of music!


Shake! - The Original Release. Imagine John Coltrane with the Band of Gypsys! This is the original Shake release from guitarist Kevin Burnes and drummer Keny Ruyter. Laden with heavy jazz, blues and improvisational influences, this instrumental CD was the beginning of a new sound - Electric Jazz!. While some of the song titles are the same as featured on Kevin's release The Shake Trio don't let the names fool you. The performances and arrangements are entirely different. This CD is filled with layers of sounds offered up from everything from a full horn section to a timpani drum, tubular bell and a marimba. You will find everything and the kitchen sink on this one! A must have!

For some Shake throwback from the original release, interviews and info: 




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